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FaZe Clan
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Faze is reaching new limits with @iShotAgency let the G-fuel games began!
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Every video of mine is sponsored by the iShot Agency!
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To have a Gamer Sponsorship with the iShot Agency you must meet our requirements and will have to be approved. iShot Agency usually picks who they want to sponsor we our very serious about our sponsorships and collect people that are professional in the field of work. For each one of our sponsors they have different and unique packages that the iShot Agency provides.

We sponsor a huge verity such as:  celebrities, professional gamers, clothing lines, local companies, Youtuber’s, and much more. We cover all consoles: Playstation 5, Xbox Series X. etc 

Careers In Gaming

We understand the overhead required to run a successful team or create quality content. iShot Agency wants to see its teams and creators thrive and does offer cash sponsorships to some of our teams. Please be aware that cash sponsorships are very rare and are often granted after a trial period.

submission fee is $10 (REQUIRED)


Features & benefits

Promotion Live Streaming

Get 1 edited Youtube thumbnail every week.



Get custom banners created for your social media platforms, Youtube, Twitch, Facebook. Also get a custom logo creation.

Youtube Video Boosting

Get 1 Youtube video boost per week. 1 to 5k views.

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Bad ideas do not exist here. We gather a collection of ideas from you and combine them with our award winning design team. Resulting in a unique, personal, and responsive design.

After talking the talk, we walk the walk. Bringing the amazing unique ideas to life with our dedicated development team, along with keeping you updated via text, email, or a simple phone call.

Every great creation goes through this step, to make it all the more better. We love our craft, so we make sure before it is seen by the public, it has a finial clean polish of awesomeness.


It’s alive! We simply publish all the hard work and ideas, making your website come to life on the internet. So you can live your dream, and fulfill the rest of your goals along the way.


***$30.00 / MONTH FOR HOSTING & MAINTENANCE after website launches. If multiple payments are chosen, each payment is accounted for 30 days after the last. Payments plans require all payments to be accounted for the website to launch. A down payment starts the creative process and counts as the first payment.